Dr Wanda Tan,Bayleaf Wellness - Integrat

Dr. Wanda Tan


Integrative Medicine General Practitioner

Dr. Wanda Tan has over 20 years’ experience working in emergency medicine, internal medicine and general practice. She was born and raised in the Netherlands and has worked in Europe, Africa, China and Australia. 


A degree in international public health and working in emergency medicine in particular has made her aware of the value of our healthcare system in acute illness and injury. In treating and preventing chronic disease, however, the effectiveness of our current healthcare system is limited. 


Over the past five years, Dr. Tan has gradually shifted her focus towards an individualised and innovative model of healthcare. This model integrates nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, emotional and mental health practices with the use of pharmacology and technology. 


She believes optimal health encompasses optimal cognitive function, physical autonomy, freedom from chronic pain and resilience to acute illness and injury. She also believes there is no quick fix or magic pill for attaining and maintaining optimal health.


Instead, a daily and imperfect health practice will pay off with compound interest over time. 


Dr. Tan is currently pursuing a Fellowship in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine and divides her time between Integrative GP practice and the emergency department. 


Since becoming a mother of two toddlers, she has replaced boxing sessions in the gym with monkey bars in the playground, and substituted Melbourne’s culinary scene for creating nutritious meals at home that the kids will eat.