Duncan Fraser-Smith, Bayleaf Wellness -

Duncan Fraser-Smith

Business Manager

Duncan is responsible for Bayleaf’s Executive Health Assessments and Wellbeing Support Programs. In addition he heads up HR, Marketing, Financial Management and even looks after our IT!

After majoring in marketing and psychology at University, Duncan worked in a variety of national sales and marketing roles for large national publicly listed and multinational companies.


He moved to the recruitment and executive search sector, where he consulted to human resource and business leaders helping them achieve business success by identifying and making key personnel appointments.

Duncan is passionate about a proactive holistic approach to health and wellbeing. He believes if we do not make time for our health, we are eventually going to be forced to make time for illness!


He believes that physical, mental, and emotional elements are all important for good health and wellbeing. 

It is well established that many chronic diseases are lifestyle driven. Duncan believes that Executive Health should not be a once-a-year ritual with no follow up – organisations don’t manage business in an ad hoc manner.  Benchmarking, then setting, and monitoring personal health KPI’s and implementing action plans leads to good health and more effective employees.

Duncan believes that senior leaders and their employees need to be able to think clearly and rationally in order to make good decisions – poor health limits their ability to deal with the stress and rigours of work, home and life in general.


A fitter, sharper mind leads to better decision making and business outcomes.

A passionate home cook, Duncan enjoys creating healthy meals that are nutritionally balanced, healthy and full of flavour.  He successfully added a wide new repertoire of recipes when his teenage daughter became a pescatarian.


Apart from cooking, in his spare time he enjoys the outdoors - bushwalking, bike riding, deep water running and keeping fit.