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Tailored specifically to you and your busy lifestyle to provide you with the quality health outcomes you desire

Image by Kalen Emsley

A Comprehensive Wellness Assessment that includes:

A detailed Personal and Health History

Online comprehensive questionnaires that cover family history, personal history, psychological health, sleep, personal lifestyle choices and physical fitness.


Assistive and Predictive pathology testing that meets best practice guidelines and provides your clinician with an understanding of the underlying imbalances or dysfunction occurring in the body’s biological systems rather than focus on diagnosis.


Using an integrative and holistic approach, consultations are aimed at identifying health risks so that they can be appropriately addressed to reach optimal health.

Comprehensive Final Report

Outlines results and includes recommendations for imrpovements and follow up actions and care.

Health Management and Ongoing Care

Ongoing care of 3 months or 12 months of Health support packages.

Concierge Style Management

We understand that you are busy managing demanding work schedules and personal commitments. That's why we have a dedicated Manager of Care and Wellbeing looking after your health assessment and support program, and working directly with you and your Wellbeing Team. The Manager will populate your calendar, send emails and SMS reminders, call to book and reschedule appointments and checkin regularly to see if you require any amendments to your Wellbeing Plan.



Your dedicated 'Manager of Care and Wellbeing' is there to give you flexibility and convenience during your wellness journey. 

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