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Grace Thomas

BHSc Naturopathy, BHSc Nursing, M Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Grad Dip Critical Care

Naturopath & Registered Nurse

Grace is a caring professional with a passion for improving people's health. Her holistic approach considers all elements of a person’s health and wellbeing. She works closely with patients to balance their health, energy and to fulfill their needs and goals. Her special interests include neurology, fatigue, mental health, hormone health and cardiology.

Passionate about natural health from childhood, Grace became more connected to naturopathy with her own journey with migraines and hormone balancing; and her son’s neurodiverse behaviour and daughter’s anxiety.

With more than 20 years of working in healthcare and an upbringing in nature, she has observed the difference natural therapies can make to improve health and energy. Grace believes that natural medicine can improve health so that everyone can feel vital, energetic and fully alive. She has faith that the body can balance itself if it is given the right environment and support.

Having worked in Intensive Care and Emergency Departments for many years and more recently in research (Cardiac and Neurology); Grace has seen the difference in the recovery of patients with different outlooks, temperaments, diets and lifestyle choices.

Grace believes treating symptoms individually is not the answer to achieving optimum health. She seeks to find the cause of a patient’s health problems and work holistically to drive positive health outcomes.

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