Health & Wellness Interns

Bayleaf highly values educating and supporting the next generation of health and wellness integrative medicine practitioners. Through our internship program, Bayleaf interns receive first hand experience with leaders in our innovative healthcare practice.

Ebony Nash

Naturopathic Intern

Ebony is extremely excited to be joining the Bayleaf Wellness team as an intern working alongside Diana Kopatsy.


As a recently graduated naturopath, Ebony is extremely passionate about guiding and supporting people towards a healthier lifestyle, and believes that healthcare should be holistic and tailored to the individual.


She enjoys educating and empowering people to follow a balanced diet and lifestyle to prevent disease, and to facilitate the body's ability to heal.

Ebony is interested in managing skin complaints, gastrointestinal issues, supporting mental and emotional wellbeing, and holds a special interest and passion for thyroid health.

Ebony looks forward to connecting with you on your health and wellness journey!

Ricky van den Ende

Naturopathic Intern

Ricky understands that everybody’s story is different and while some may draw common threads, the way they are woven is unique. This is what excited him as a naturopath.


He recognises that no two people who walk through our door are the same, no two days are going to be the same, and is excited about unravelling what is going on for someone, and the parts of someone's health that makes it unique for them.


Ricky has always had a deep longing to find a career that complemented him. The day he saw the words naturopathy written on a college website, he knew that this was the thing that was going to quench his existential thirst. 


As his student life ends, Ricky is looking forward to rediscovering the things that bring him joy – cycling, hiking, swimming, moving his body, and rediscovering Australia’s magnificent flora and fauna in the process.


He is most happy when duck diving through 24ºC crystal blue water, no wetsuit needed. On the other side, he can picture no better moment than perched by a fireplace overlooking a tumultuous ocean as it goes through the motions from storm to calm.


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