Kaye Profile Picture.jpg

Kaye Phillips

Accredited Therapist

Counsellor/Hypnotherapist/Mindfulness Therapist

Kaye joins the Bayleaf Wellness team as an experienced holistic therapist offering sessions consisting of counselling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and behavioural therapy.

Kayes's interest in psychology and the mind-body connection, and has been ever-present throughout her life. As a child, she was often drawn to natural and alternative remedies and treatments. Following her passion, Kaye has actively studied and engaged in deepening her knowledge of the mind-body connection since 2008. In 2012 her formal studies commenced with a degree in Mind-Body Medicine and in 2016 she became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Delving further into her studies, Kaye has studied psychology and neuropsychology since 2016.  Kaye has over 15 years of personal experience with mindfulness-based practices and is a qualified Meditation Teacher.

Kaye's work experience commenced in therapeutic roles in social services including trauma support in cases involving child protection prior to working in the disability sector. She has a special interest in stress reduction and enjoys working with children, VCE students, parents, and families. Throughout her career, Kaye has worked with a broad range of clients and presentations from anxiety, depression, chronic illnesses and stress, trauma, autoimmune disease, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia.

When Kaye is not working, you'll find her spending time with her vibrant son playing basketball, walking their dog, or going tree surfing. She also enjoys spending time in nature and with all their pets.