Michaela Manioudakis

Wellbeing Coach - Nutrition

Michaela joins the Bayleaf team as a Wellness Coach, with a primary focus on nutrition.


Working alongside our clinicians, Michaela brings her insight from her accreditation through FIAFitnation and is passionate about the crucial role nutrition plays in achieving weight loss and nutrition goals. 

Incorporating evidence-based nutrition and coaching psychology into her practice, she couples latest research with practical tools to help clients achieve their nutrition needs utilising an integrative approach to healthcare amongst her colleagues and clients alike.


Michaela is also currently studying at Victoria University in Mental Health and looks forward to bringing her learning through to benefit her clients.

Outside of Bayleaf she helps people with their outer beauty as well – as a hairdresser!


Michaela is also a painting and drawing enthusiast, and loves to create wholesome and inspired meals for her family and friends.