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Are you drinking enough water?

Alexandra Osellame - Bayleaf Clinical Nutritionist - BHSc(Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)

Water!!! Drinking enough water is vital for good health!

But how much water do you actually need to drink everyday?!? Lucky for you, our clinical nutritionist Alex, has the golden rule! You need to times your body weight by 0.03. So, If you weigh 70kg, you need 2.1 litres of water

(70 x 0.03 = 2.1)

However.... for every cup of coffee or glass of alcohol you need to add an extra glass of water (250ml). If you weigh 70kg and have 2 cups coffee, you need 2.1 litres + 500ml (250ml x 2) which is a total of 2.6 litres of water! To freshen up your water, try adding these favourites: - Cucumber - Lemon - Oranges - Mint

Clean, fresh great tasting water can be very hard to source.

Bayleaf Wellness recommends and stocks the Ace Bio water filter jugs within their onsite Dispensary. These particular jugs feature an unmatched 10 stages of sterilising, filtration and activation. They also turn ordinary tap water into great tasting, alkalised, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral water.

Filtering out: Sediment, rust, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and unpleasant odours. A water filter jug is a great addition to the kitchen and in thinking of the environment can be used to fill and refill your own eco friendly water container as often as you need throughout the day!

Drop into the Dispensary to pick one up or ring 1300 522 201 or email to order one today - you won't regret it!



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