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Exercise: How Do You Begin to Get Fit?

Beti Nicholas - Bayleaf Community Contributer -Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Beti took some time out for the Bayleaf Wellness team to discuss what to do when you want to up your exercise game. This is a great 12 minutes that runs you through resistance, cardio and flexibility training including the differences and examples of each. Its good to have a balance of all three each week to keep you active and healthy.

There are some really great tips within including a 5 week exercise schedule that works up to increasing the amount and the intensity that you can do over time. Consistency is the key! Remember prior to starting any exercise regime that you consider any chronic conditions that you may have and consult your General pPactitioner to make sure that the exercise that you are doing is right for you.

Most of all mix it up and have fun!

The Bayleaf Wellness Team


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