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Mindful Moment - Morning

The Oxford Dictionary has the following defintion of 'Mindful.'



1. conscious or aware of something. "I arrived home for the summer, ever mindful of my obligations to my parents" 2. focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique. "tune in to your body and be mindful"

The benefits of practicing mindfulness and focusing on ones awareness in the present moment are well documented and numerous studies have found that with regular practice it can help with many things from easing anxiety, improving sleep and mental clarity and also pain management for those that live in chronic pain.

In this week's Bayleaf Bite, Wellbeing Coach Rosie O'Halloran has recorded a Mindful Moment for your morning. It is available for you on the link below. So get settled in your favourite position within the house or outdoors and take a few moments to be mindful!


The Bayleaf Wellness Team



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