The Winter Slow Down - Taking Cues From the Seasons

Melbourne Winter: Photo credit: Aaron Maerz - Manager Care and Wellbeing - Bayleaf Wellness

This winter we’re more attuned than ever to the changing mood outside, given most of us are inside more than ever before. The daily walk for groceries has never felt so precious, the falling leaves never so cherished as when time feels like it’s standing still.

A hush falls over us in winter, a quietening – and there’s much to be gained from taking our cues from the seasons. So what can this winter teach us?

Slow – be still, and pay attention

This particular winter, we really don’t have a choice but to slow down – but there is grace to be found, however forced the slow down feels. We have the power to notice the beauty around us – and now the routines for a lot of us are completely turned around, the world doesn’t look quite the same anymore.

Are there things you’ve never noticed about your neighbourhood, your daily walk, your home that has now been given the space to shine and stand out? When we notice and cherish our place in the world, we feel part of something much larger.

Nourish - with slow cooked foods and earthy vegetables

Our bodies thank us when we gift them with fresh, seasonal produce - and winter offers up incredibly rewarding delights. Steam your squash and baby carrots, slow cook and roast your earthy potatoes & parsnips and serve up shiny sides of silver beet and greens glazed in garlic and chilli for a welcome kick.

Taking the time to find out what’s in season is a rewarding way to boost your immunity, especially important in the winter months – and batch cooking all those healthy soups and winter stews saves you future effort as well as making your dollar go further. Wins all round.

Ground - with simple daily practices

Whether it’s a daily cup of hot water and lemon before the rest of your house