Top Tips for Telehealth Consultations

‘Telehealth is an extremely important tool in the fight against Coronavirus - allowing patients to receive the very best care from the comfort of their own home while keeping doctors and medical staff safe.’

Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Health

Covid-19 has pushed many businesses to pivot quickly and utilise online and telecommunication systems to keep their wheels turning throughout the unfolding pandemic and the medical profession is no different.

Now more than ever we need to ensure our health is our priority and that we continue to maintain contact and gain advice from our health professionals who are best equipped to guide us during these difficult times. These qualified professionals are trained to provide us with the best knowledge for increasing our resilience and boosting our immunity to give us the best possible chance in the event of exposure to acute disease.

With many patients still needing access to their health care providers, online and telehealth consultations have increased in volume and popularity. So here is some information to help you better understand what to expect from your e-health appointment at Bayleaf Wellness via our Clinic in the Cloud option.

1. Be prepared. Just like any appointment, it is important to be on time and to have any necessary information for discussion close to hand. Have any questions written down so you do not forget to discuss anything.

2. You may be asked for ID and consent. Virtual consultations work a little differently from a ‘face to face’ consultation, so to verify your identity, you may need to show the practitioner some photo ID. If it’s your first appointment, you may also be asked for verbal consent for the consultation to take place.

3. Preparation for the appointment may include making sure your computer/tablet/laptop is compatible with the video platform the practitioner is using. Information regarding the video platform and necessary links should be sent to you at least the day before your appointment. Take a few minutes prior to your appointment to test the video and sound on your device so you spend the full allotted time with your practitioner.

4. Make sure you have a comfortable, private space for the video call as you may need to discuss your personal medical information. Depending on your reason for presenting you may also need to show part of your body to the camera so the work lunchroom may not be the best place for the call!

5. Who calls who? Whether it is by phone or video, sit tight and the practitioner will call you. Sometimes appointments run over by a few minutes, so it is much easier for the practitioner to control the timing of the consultation.

6. Referrals, scripts and anything else you might normally take away from an appointment will be emailed or posted to you. Most major pathology centres accept emailed referrals and your prescriptions can even be emailed directly to your favourite pharmacy!

7. As a result of pandemic lockdown orders in Australia, *some* patients may be entitled to Medicare rebates for phone and video appointments with General Practitioners. Your Holistic GP will advise you if this is the case.

8. Payment for your consultation will be taken over the phone immediately after your consultation, so have your credit card nearby as a team member will call you. Alternatively, a payment link can be sent to you by email or SMS allowing you to pay by Google pay, Apple pay or debit card following your consultation should you prefer this option.

There will always be a need for in person consultations where physical examination is required. In Australia, there is no specific legislation regarding e-health however the general principles of privacy, consent, disclosure, and duty of care apply. Given your specific health care requirements, your practitioner may suggest a face to face consultation is required or refer you to another practitioner for follow-up care in these instances if the situation is deemed to be urgent.

Hopefully, the information outlined above will help you to continue prioritising your health, so you can stay healthy and happy.

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