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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Hire a Wellbeing Coach

We have heard over and over that we are living through an ‘unprecedented time’, an unprecedented amount of times. The Covid-19 environment has left us feeling isolated, anxious about the future and for some of us, jobless and separated from our families.

What does it mean to be living through an ‘unprecedented’ time’?

It means the world around us and the world within us has radically changed. These changes will also continue to occur at a rapid rate and until resolved we will have to continue to adjust, often without warning and without the skills needed to navigate these new life challenges.

We all experience change throughout our lives. Change is a constant, we know that. But many of us can find change difficult even at the best of times without the additional demands the current environment provides with its increased challenges. For many of us change can bring fear to the surface and anxieties of the unknown. It can also exhaust us and anger us. We can be left feeling hopeless and alone.

It is also important to remember that change can also inspire and excite us. The thought may have crossed your mind during the lockdown to get fit, to de-stress, to change your ‘bad’ habits’ or to make a career change. But here we are looking forward to the end of lockdown, and it’s important to ask yourself the question - how are you doing with your change?

Sometimes knowing where to start, how to start, is the greatest challenge we face. So guess what? Often we simply don’t start. Instead of starting today, we decide to start another day…’one day’. And that ‘one day’ slowly turns into ‘some day’ and you find yourself doing the same thing and getting the same results over and over again. We are here to help.

A Wellbeing Coach can help you to turn your ‘one day’ into today and to navigate change with confidence, clarity and calm.

2020 has undoubtedly been a difficult year. But life continues. Your dreams are still your dreams, worthy of seeing the light of day. Our team of coaches at Bayleaf Wellness are here to help.

Here are the top 3 reasons to hire a Wellbeing coach:

1. Coaches support you to take appropriate action and get real results.

They walk alongside you, gently guiding you on your journey. They support you to take practical and achievable actions to realise your goals. These actions inspire confidence and create a sense of momentum in your life.

Making changes in one's life can feel overwhelming, so a good coach will work with you to create a plan and to truly understand ‘your why’. This is important because without a clear and workable vision you can become lost in the process.

Let’s say you want to ‘get healthier’. That is not really a goal, ‘get healthier’ is a wish. To turn this into a goal, you need to truly understand what your life would look like, feel like, be like if you were healthier. You need to know the place you are starting from and be clear on what an achievable next step is. You need to learn how to track your progress, and know how to use feedback and affirmation to course correct when you go off track.

This is what a coach can support you with. A clear, actionable plan, unique to you and your life circumstances.

A coach works with you to create sustainable genuine change in your life.

2. Coaches are the champions in your corner and accountability partners.

They are a non-judgemental listening ear. Listening is one of the most important skills of a good wellbeing coach. Often when clients are sharing, they will say things that they are not aware of, often subtle pieces of important information is lost in the chat. A good coach will be able to pick up on this and reflect to you what you are not hearing including what you may not be seeing. These moments are often described as the ‘aha’ moments and are the keys to your success.

Coaches also support you to be accountable, ensuring you do what you say you are going to do.

And they are there when life gets in the way and can gently steer you back on track when you feel the wheels are falling off.

We are here for your success and to remind you that you don’t have to do it alone.

3. Together we make an expert team.

If you are going for heart surgery, you want an expert surgeon.

If you are learning to fly a plane, you want to learn from an expert.

If you are eating at the world’s best restaurant, you want your meal cooked by a top chef.

Coaches are the skilled at what they do. They have studied human behaviour and coaching and bring to their work science based tools and techniques that support you to go from where you are to where you want to be.

What they are not is an expert on you, because you are the expert on you! A good coach knows this. They don’t try to tell you how you should be or what you should be doing. They work with you to strengthen your ‘inner expert’ to be in charge of your life and upskill you with the tools and techniques they have studied. A good coach unlocks the potential within you and empowers you.

So here we are, living in these ‘unprecedented times'. Life has changed. Take the first step today, reach out to and book in your complimentary consultation session with Wellbeing Coach, Rosie O’Halloran at Bayleaf Wellness and discover a greater sense of confidence, clarity and calm. Coaches can work with you in any area of your life: relationships, finances, career, family, spirituality, health and wellbeing.

A complimentary wellbeing strategy session with Rosie O’Halloran can be booked for the month September to get you back on track during these difficult times.

Spaces are limited so be sure to get in quick with your interest by emailing

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