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Sharda Shrivastava

AdvDip(Nat) GradCertHumNut DipHom DipAroma MHumNut(pending) 2023 

Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath and Homeopath 

Sharda is passionate about Naturopathy and is also a qualified homeopath. Achieving good health and happiness is an everyday quest for her. This passion has led her to explore various interesting paths.

Being spiritual, she has delved into energy healing, mindfulness, meditation, and years of Buddhist practices.

As a Naturopath, she has worked in one of the leading Integrative medicine clinics alongside some amazing medical and allied health professionals and assisted chronically ill patients improve their health and their overall quality of life.

While she is in the process of completing Masters in Human Nutrition, Sharda also holds:

  • Post Graduate certificate in Human Nutrition

  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy from Australasia College of Natural therapies

  • Advanced Diploma in Aromatherapy

  • Advanced Diploma in Pranic healing

  • Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies association)

  • Diploma in Homeopathy

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