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Stacey Hatfield

Accredited Integrative Nutrition Health Coach(IIN)

Wellbeing Coach

Stacey is an upcoming Nutritionist and an IIN Accredited Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


She aims to empower others to nutritiously fuel their body and mind through a simplified & mindful approach. Stacey encourages others to embrace nature and let it assist in living a balanced and nourishing life. She has a passion for healthy recipe development and loves sharing her recipes as a practical way to make a difference in her clients lives.


Stacey believes that “Nature Knows Best” and implements this approach in her holistic sessions through a focus on natural living. After going through her own healthy journey she is very passionate about assisting others in theirs!


Stacey also loves a good nature walk, rain, hail or shine, any excuse to wear her cozy Kathmandu puffer jacket!