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Diana Kopatsy, Bayleaf Wellness - Integr

Diana Kopatsy

M.Ed, BHSc (Nat), BHSc (Hom),Dip Teach

Naturopath & Homeopath

Diana is the multi-talented Founder of Bayleaf Wellness, and a clinician with over twenty years’ experience in all facets of holistic health.


Her vision for Bayleaf Wellness was born out of her passion to provide proactive, individualised  and integrative healthcare to enable clients to live vibrant, healthy lives.


Diana is passionate about the collaborative care model, and working as a team to place the patient at the centre of their own health journey.

A former lecturer in science and mathematics, she first discovered complementary medicine through her own health journey, where naturopathy triumphed over invasive surgery as a viable pathway back to health and wellness.

Diana has a Masters in Education, and became Head of Faculty at Endeavour College of Natural Health, while also holding several other positions on multiple boards and committees. Diana also has her Bachelor of Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

Having established private practices in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula, Diana specialises in the areas of paediatrics, autoimmune disease, mental and emotional health, and gut issues.

Diana is also very experienced with chronic or challenging presentations, and advises regularly in the areas of mineral/vitamin and heavy metal testing and detoxification, healthy hormone and weight management, dietary interventions, and healthy ageing.


She is passionate about working with families and children experiencing challenges with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and works collaboratively with other health professionals to assist clients in achieving their maximum potential. 

Most at home in tranquil gardens, riding her tricycle, and enjoying deep water running classes, Diana believes in nurturing and treating the whole person – no cookie cutter or one size fits all approach here!

"I am passionate about caring for my patients and watching them progress through their journey towards wellness. I believe that a collaborative care model where practitioners work together to produce a co-ordinated approach to healing achieves the best result for patients"

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